Ontario California

GardinerWSpring05apr2006 Located in the county of San Bernardino, in California, the city of Ontario has a population of around 170,000 people. Some of the main features of this city include the Ontario Mills and the Ontario International Airport. This is also where the former Ontario Motor Speedway could be found. The name of the city comes from the Canadian city of the same name and it was given by the people that established this colony in 1882, which were Canadian and originating from Canada.

In the 2000 census, the city had 34,689 families and 43,525 households, with a density of the population of 1225 people per square km. As for the races that make up the population of the city, they are 48% White, 7.50% African American, 1% Native Americans, 4% Asian and around 34% are of other races. Overall around 60% are Latino or Hispanics of any race.

The government of the city has five members: Paul Leon, the Mayor elected in 2006 and of Hispanic origins, Jim Bowman, Sheila Mautz, Debra Dorst Porada and Alan Wapner.

On the education side of things, there are 25 elementary schools in Ontario, six middle schools and five high schools. Overall, there are a total of 4 school districts in the city. Besides the public schools I just mentioned, there are also a number of private schools.

The airport nearest to the city is an international one, with limited air travel internationally plus domestic connections. Since there are a lot of warehouses and manufacturing companies here, there is a lot of freight going through the airport, especially from UPS and FedEx. The owner of this airport is Los Angeles city.

Since this is a major freight and passenger hub, there are a number of big freeways serving the city. We’re talking here about Pomona Freeway, Interstate 10, Interstate 15 and State Route 83.